Wooden Moose Trophy ‘James’

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Meet James our pride and joy Moose Trophy wall art.

Are you looking for a great companion for your home or office, James will not disappoint you! This beautiful designed Wooden Moose makes a great and fun DIY kit.

James has been made using the finest Birch wood and available in normal and impressive XL size (James Sr.), each part has been sanded by hand. The shield are made using duo color parts so James really stands out. Lasercut for precision fit and easy assembly using slot construction.

If you would like a different color combination on the shield or would like to see a personal message engraved, feel free to contact us (we are sure James wouldn't mind).

James Measures 12.4" (317mm) wide x 11.1" (280mm) tall x 7.2" (184mm) deep.
James Sr. XL Measures 20.55" (522mm) wide x 17.55" (446mm) tall x 11.6" (295mm) deep.

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