Wooden Moose Bust on Solid Base

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Do you love animals and looking for a great gift or decoration for your home ? This unique and beautifully designed miniature moose bust will surely not disappoint you!

We have redesigned our wooden wall trophy heads to show it's unique features in this miniature size, crafted using the finest Birch wood and each part sanded and assembled by hand. The moose sits on a smoothly sanded metal spike with a solid European Oak or Exotic Ovankal wooden base selected to match the animals color.

•Measurements (base included):
10" high (260mm), 5.8" wide (148mm), 4.1" long (105mm)

• Stay tuned for more animals will soon be added ...

If you would like a different base/color animal combination or would like to see a personal message engraved an the base, feel free to contact us to make this gift something special.