Hedgehog Coaster Set

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Possibly the cutest friend for your drink!

A both beautiful, cute and functional companion for every table.

We decided to do our Hedgehog coaster set justice by upgrading him with a solid Walnut/Cherry wood combination. A handmade natural and durable coaster set that brightens your mood, livens up your table and makes for a great decorational piece in your home. This coaster set truly does bring nature into your home.

This lovely hedgehog coaster set ships as a DIY puzzle, easy assembly and fun! He has 4 sturdy solid Walnut wood coasters (5mm/0,2" thick) each treated with a natural oil to protect the coasters against moisture. The Cherry and Walnut combination in this coaster set really brings the hedgehog to life.

This is my size:

  • 4.6" (118mm) wide
  • 3.9" (100 mm) high
  • 7.3" (187mm) long