Handmade Wooden Edge-lit Christmas Ornament

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These beautiful and unique handmade wooden Christmas ornaments are both elegant and functional.

Turn your Christmas lights into stunning edge-lit lamps for an absolutely magical effect in your Christmas Tree, Christmas Garland or other decorations. But even without a light source these ornaments do justice where-ever you hang or place them.

Handcrafted from solid wood and equipped with an engraved piece of cast acrylic depicting an elegant tree or winter scene’s. The bottom of the ornaments have two 5mm holes you can use to connect to a Christmas light string, the lights will illuminate the engraving on the acrylic for a beautiful effect.

Available in 4 different wood species and 3 different engraving to choose from: Wood: Walnut, Maple, Padouk, Beech
Engravings: ‘Elegant Tree’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Snowy Pine’

8mm x 84,43mm x 108mm (0.31” x 3.32” x 4.25” Inches)

Please note:
Because this is a natural wood product there will be color variations that might be slightly different from what is shown. Each piece of wood is unique, and will differ from any other product we create.

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