Custom Streamline 24k Gold

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Create your own custom pen

The model of this pen is the Streamline twist with a 24k gold finish, a fine streamlined pen that really writes wonderfully.

We have made a selection of 25 of the most exotic and finest wood species for you to select for your custom pen. Due to the rarity of certain types of wood it may be possible that a delivery time applies to your selection, we will inform you if applicable.

Natural Product
Because this is a natural wood product there will be color variations that will be slightly different from what is shown in the example images. Each piece of wood is unique, and will differ from any other pen we create, making each pen unique.

Our Process 
Each pen is handmade and unique due to the structure, color and grain of the wood. Hand sanded to 12,000 grit and finished with a special wax and CA finish which gives a beautiful glossy protective layer to the wood. This protection accentuates the beautiful grains and colours in the wood.

If you have any questions regarding this pen or any other products please feel free to contact us.