Wooden Coaster Set Japan

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A handmade Japanese themed wooden coaster set
The first in our upcoming new line of themed handmade coaster sets.

This beautifully crafted and unique coaster set includes 4 coasters and a base.

The inspiration for this coaster set comes from the Japanese 'Torii' a traditional Japanese gate. The set has been made using Walnut, Padouk and Maple and each coaster has been engraved with the Japanese characters for beverage.

Size Base

  • 4.6" (145mm) wide
  • 3.9" (120 mm) long
  • 7.3" (145 mm) high

Size Coaster

  • 4.6" (91mm) wide
  • 3.9" (91 mm) long
  • 7.3" (8 mm) high

The coasters have been sanded down smoothly and treaded with multiple layers of organic oils to protect the wood against moisture.