Wooden Hedgehog Coaster Set

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Here's a fun way to keep your coasters together! 
A nice companion for every table, in the office for your home or as a nice gift.

Featured in 
"21 Perfect Things For People Who Live In The City But Prefer Forests"

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This cute hedgehog coaster comes as a DIY puzzle, easy assembly and fun! He has 4 coasters and have been treated with a transparent varnish finish to prevent watermarks and for easy cleaning.

How big is this hedgehog?

  • 4.6" (118mm) wide
  • 3.9" (100 mm) high
  • 7.3" (187mm) long

Our animal coasters are made using Birch wood, each part has been sanded by hand. Lasercut for precision fit and easy assembly using slot construction.